How You Can Help

I will be in every ward at least once over the next four weeks - please watch the events calendar on our website or the events on Facebook or twitter (or ask us to send you emails if you prefer). We will send invites out as far in advance as possible but please be aware that that might not always be possible! If you would like me to come to your ward at a certain time or date, just let me know!

What can you do to help?

In a busy world, most people have very little time to spare. But anything you can offer, even just an hour or so would be amazing. And here's 5 very practical things you could do today that would help us and you don't even need to leave your keyboard to do them:

  1. Have a look at the leaflet attached. This is being sent to EVERY home in North East Somerset by Freepost - so every home will have at least one thing from us.
  1. If you do social media, please come join us on Facebook, twitter, instagram.  Then share share share! Add your own thoughts and views - this isn't just about me.
  1. Tell me if you want a poster or banner to put up. Let's show our friends and neighbours that we are proud to be Green! (Car stickers and badges also available).
  1. Tell me about any local events you think I should come to, parish magazines we should advertise in, local newspapers and radio.
  1. Donate to our crowdfunder: every £ you donate here will go on the campaign in North East Somerset. I want us to be able to place adverts in local parish magazines, have stalls in every fair and canvass - something that has never been done before here. We have already funded the Freepost leaflet £700, the deposit £500 and some social media spend. Please consider donating and asking friends and family to do so too. We have so far raised 15% of our total - not bad in just a few days!

There's a lot of work to be done, so if you would like to get more involved, you would be very welcome! There may even be cakes (there probably will be cakes!)

I'm feeling very positive about the next few weeks. We have some strong policies, a clear leadership and above all, an overwhelming desire to make sure that the Green message is heard above the clamour. Let's make this happen.

See you soon


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