Should we Embrace the Future or Cling to a Mythical Past?

Should we Embrace the Future or Cling to a Mythical Past?

Should we Embrace the Future or Cling to a Mythical Past?

Jacob Rees Mogg has been the MP for North East Somerset since 2010.  He's a well known figure, one of the foremost Brexiteers and has argued long and hard for us to leave the European Union.  As an MP, he voted for the bedroom tax, against gay marriage and against allowing child refugees into the UK. Here's his voting record: He has had it his own way for a long time because he has a supposedly safe seat and no one will stand up to him.

If that's what you want from your MP, great. But it's not what we want.

Sally Calverley is standing in North East Somerset to provide a different choice: a fairer future, where Britain plays its part in the world and everyone shares in our success.

"This election is about what sort of country we want Britain to be. Our task is to decide whether we want to embrace the future or cling to a mythical past. Britain has always been a leader in Europe and must remain so.  In every part of life, we’ve got to work together and share what we have more fairly. My vision is of a modern Britain, strong enough to protect the weak and proud to be able to care for those in need.  Strength comes from doing what is right and investing in a fairer future.”

We want a future where:

  • the Government gets on with investing in new technologies not propping up old ones.
  • the NHS can get on with curing and caring for people without checking whether they can afford to pay.
  • teachers can get on with inspiring the next generation without worrying about cuts.
  • students can get on with their lives without debt.
  • people can get on with earning a living and can afford to pay for where they live
  • And where the air we breathe, the water we drink and our countryside are  treasured - not squandered.

It's not much to ask, is it?

You can help us

Together we can send a strong message that we won’t go back to a mythical past, we will only go forwards to a better, fairer future.

Working together we have the chance to bring about a momentous shock in UK politics. It’s not going to be easy, and there is not much time.

But we can do this.

The tide is already on the turn. We know that public opinion is turning against Brexit and we only have to look abroad to see how strong the Green message is in Holland, Austria and Germany. In Britain, Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley are changing the political agenda in this country by championing a Progressive Alliance and across the country members are getting in touch to ask “How can we help?” Right here, we have a committed and hardworking team who have gathered over the last 10 days in the belief that we can make history.

How can you help?

By donating whatever you can afford to help us fund this campaign. There is a limit of what we are allowed to spend during the campaign and we have already raised £500 for the deposit and some start up funds. The rest we need from you. And every little helps.

We will spend your money carefully and with maximum impact. We have assembled a team of really capable people, all willing to give their time for free. So what we spend will be go on stuff we have to buy:

  • Print
  • Delivering leaflets
  • Social media (boosting posts, targeted adverts)
  • Large Boards to go in fields
  • Bus adverts

We may also buy cups of tea for leafletting and canvassing teams (and will declare ALL our expenses!)

Don't wait. We are counting on you!


(If you cant donate, there's loads of other opportunities to get involved and everyone is welcome. Click here to find out more!)

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