The Bath Festival – Richard Selby and David Metcalfe – Outsiders and Outcasts

Richard Selby and David Metcalfe return to Midsomer Norton for an evening of folk tales and music. Hear the story of Lilith, Adam’s first wife and of Conal Crovi branded an outlaw but one who was responsible for the survival of a Great Irish King. With ballads of Ghosts and Dead Knights this performance explores the worlds of heroic outcasts and outsiders.
These stories that have always been told for adult audiences. They are complex and thought provoking and are not suitable for young children.

You can get tickets in advance or buy them on the door.

Sally will be there and it would be lovely to see as many Green Party members there too, to share in the experience.  As Sally said on Wednesday morning, it is in the small things, the appreciation of human creativity and art, that we celebrate what it is to enjoy freedom.

And on Thursday, in a Town Hall, in a rural town in Somerset, we shall do just that.


25 May, 2017 19:30
25 May, 2017 20:30
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